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Mesenchymal stromal stem cells (MSC) from umbilical cord tissue

Omnigen leads the way

μεσεγχυματικά βλατοκύτταρα, mesenchymal stem cellsOmnigen constantly invests in new technologies, applications and partnerships in order to provide the future parents with the real benefits of stem cells storage and cell therapy. The primary purpose of our company is the implementation of innovative methods and scientific achievements through research so to improve health. Through this research and development in our modern laboratories, we constantly emerge new services.

The result of this investment is that Omnigen has developed the procedures and protocols for the isolation and cryopreservation of mesenchymal stromal stem cells (MSC) from the umbilical cord and other tissues (bone marrow, adipose tissue, etc.).


The scientists in our company are being trained in the most reputable centers of the world in order to acquire experience in the stem cells field. The isolation of mesenchymal stromal stem cells is performed at the tissue of the umbilical cord called Wharton’s jelly. The implementation of these protocols requires very specialized tissue management techniques, cell and tissue culture and proliferation. These techniques are thoroughly developed, tested and perfected in Omnigen’s laboratories.

This service is an example for the development of science through private initiative in Greece. What we can promise to parents who trust us, and the medical community is that we will continue to invest in bioscience, with the sole purpose to lead the developments in stem cells and cell therapy. The driving force of our company is the will to constantly create new horizons for therapeutic applications from stem cells in all aspects of medicine.


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