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Follow below clinical trials & treatments with umbilical cord blood

Treatment with Umbilical cord blood stem cells

Clinical Trials with Umbilical Cord blood

You can review studies and clinical trials here from the U.S national Library of Medicine.


”Saving Frances” – Treatment with Umbilical cord blood stem cells

Frances suffered from neuroblastoma (stage 4) and was cured with the use of her own stem cells from cord blood cryopreserved the time of her birth.

Keegan Doheney – Australia

Brother’s cord blood stem cells cure leukemia.

Treatment in celebral palsy

Treatment in cerebral palsy

Treatment of cerebral palsy with cord blood stem cells cryopreserved in a stem cells bank. After receiving cord blood stem cells, Tomas has overcome cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia, a condition that affects the motor skills of the four limbs.  [Read more…]



Sickle Cell Disease cured

Sickle Cell Disease cured

Hamad is an eight-year-old Emirati boy who was cured of Sickle Cell Disease thanks to the cord blood stem cells from his younger brother, Abdullah, that were stored in a Stem Cells bank. You can read more here.