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Stem cells and their use

What stem cells are?
What is cord blood and what the hematopoietic stem cells are?
What the mesenchymal stromal stem cells are?
What stem cells from deciduous teeth are?
What is the autologous transplantation?
What is the allogeneic transplantation?
Who can use the stored stem cells?
How can I have further information from Omnigen?

Collection – Tests – Isolation – Cryopreservation

Who collects the cord blood and tissue samples?
Does a cesarean section affects the procedure?
Archiving and Traceability of the sample
If the sample is small in volume or unsuitable?
How fast must the sample be collected and treated from Omnigen?
Sample testing and parents updating
What is cryopreservation?
How long the stem cells can be stored?
Will the sample be readily available when required?
Where are the samples stored? Omnigen is a leading Greek company
Who assumes the transportation of transplant in a future use?
What happens in case of a prolonged power failure?
What happens if Omnigen ceases its operation?

Before the decision

When should I decide whether to keep my child's stem cells?
What if there is a pregnancy with more than one embryo?
What is the procedure for storing stem cells of my child?
What is the cost for storing stem cells?
Payment Methods and Flexible Payment Policy

Omnigen services & tests

What is HPV Test?
What is male fertility test?
What is Pap test?
What is thrombophilia test?
What is cystic fibrosis test?

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