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Omnigen lab, stem cells, our people

Stem Cells – Our People

We strongly believe that human factor is a major success element for a company.
Omnigen’s partners and staff are carefully selected, depending their knowledge and experience in their field, to fulfill the operational principles of the company. The education and experience of our staff, allows us to operate with absolute efficiency.

Complete scientific training of our staff

Our staff has extensive experience and training in stem cells field.

Omnigen has partnerships with the leading hematologists of the most reputable clinics in Greece, and has established a leading group of physicians and scientists with expertise in stem cell transplantation. This is a pioneering move in Greece and Europe, which is intended to provide parents with immediate access to the stem cells stored in Omnigen for future use, for autologous and allogeneic transplantation for the child or a member of the family.

Valid information to parents by qualified personnel

Recognizing the lack of detailed valid information on the collection, storage and future use of stem cells from umbilical cord, Omnigen informs you, the parents, before your decision to collect and store your child’s stem cells. Qualified, trained personnel will inform you and answer to every question you may have. The meeting is by appointment at our offices in Maroussi – Athens, or if this is not feasible, in your location. It is our duty to provide all the  information you need about cord blood and stem cells, and the entire procedure of collecting, processing and storing.

Omnigen’s qualified staff is available any day and time to deliver the collection kit with all necessary documents and instructions.
Moreover, the company’s staff receives and processes the biological material 365 days per year, ensuring rapid isolation and storage of your baby’s stem cells. It is known that the maximal viability of the stem cells is accomplished within the first 48 hours.

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