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retina from stem cells

Scientists created retina from stem cells

Scientists creted retina from stem cells in the laboratory

Greek physician participated in the effort.

Researchers in Germany, including a Greek physician, created mini retina from stem cells using pluripotent stem from mouse and human cells.

Until today only retinal cells were created in the laboratory and more recently, a more complex retinal tissue. This time they created 3 dimensional “organoids” mimicking the retinal development. This achievement opens up new possibilities for the future restoration of the lens (eg after injuries), leading ultimately to the regeneration of a normal retina.

The researchers, led by Mike Karl German of the Neurodegenerative Diseases Center (DZNE), published the results in “Stem Cell Reports” magazine . Α Greek origin physician Konstantinos Anastasiadis from the Biotechnology Centre of the Technical University of Dresden was involved in the effort.

Scientists have managed to reproduce in large quantities in the laboratory the photosensitive cells (cones) of the retina. They are the cells that allow color vision, considered the most important, in terms of future treatments to patients. The next goal is the “organoid” to become more complicated with the addition of blood vessels.

Other information about the stem cells can be found here.


This article was posted on April 1, 2016 in Newsbeast (in Greek)


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