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Stem Cells Storage & Cord Tissue Storage

stem cells bank, stem cells storageAfter years of medical research on stem cells, cures and treatments for many diseases have been created. Therefore parents should strongly consider the option of storing the stem cells of their child. The options offered today in Greece is storing stem cells in a family bank (private) or donate them in a “donation bank”. These two options are essentially two different services.

A family stem cells bank, as Omnigen, offers stem cells storage from the umbilical cord blood and cord tissue storage for future use by the donor himself/herself (99% compatibility) and possibly by a family member. Only the above have the right to use the stem cells.

The stem cells stored in a “donation bank” can be used for therapy by any compatible receiver in the future. Most donation banks belong to a global cord blood transplants network and samples can be selected, based on parameters, according to the management procedures of the corresponding transplants body of each country. Future parents who donate the sample to these institutions have no further rights or claims.


Steps for storing stem cells from the umbilical cord and cord tissue storate in a Family Bank like Omnigen

Contact us to make an appointment at our offices or at your location. Contact form

In our meeting, we will answer any question you may have, we will provide all the necessary information and you will receive the collection kit along with the contract, which must be signed for your assurance, before delivering the collection kit to our representative after delivery.

Inform your doctor that you have chosen Omnigen for your baby’s cord blood and tissue collection and cryopreservation of his/hers stem cells.

When registering in the hospital, bring the collection kit with you and deliver it to your doctor or midwife before entering the delivery room. Immediately after delivery and when the collection of cord blood and tissue is done, contact us so we can collect the kit from the hospital, daily from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. Store the collection kit in room temperature.

Omnigen’s representative will collect the sample and transport in our laboratories for processing, testing of bacterial and fungal infections and storage. You will be informed within 48 hours for the successful isolation of your baby’s cord blood stem cells. Within the next few days you will receive the certificate of storage.


What happens to these stem cells at the end of the 20 years contract?


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