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Stem Cells Storage

During delivery we have the unique opportunity to collect stem cells from the blood and tissue of the umbilical cord

βλαστοκύτταρα, τράπεζα βλαστοκυττάρων, θρομβοφιλία, stem cells, thrombophiliaWhat are the characteristics of cord stem cells that make them capable to treat a disease, such as lymphoma;

The capability of these cells to regenerate themselves constantly, allows their use in the treatment of serious diseases. In case of lymphomas or other forms of cancer, the damaged body cells by chemotherapy or radiotherapy should be removed. The cord blood stem cells are injected intravenously

to the patient. These cells reconstitute the hematopoietic  immune system and they maintain it

for many years.

Can cord blood stem cells be used in autologous transplants?
Whom the storage of cord blood stem cells may concern?
Can stem cells of a child be used for other family members? Allogeneic transplantation
What happens to these cells after 20 years?


In which cases we cannot store the stem cells?

The storage of stem cells from cord blood and / or umbilical cord tissue is not performed when the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the samples do not fall within those defined by the Ministerial Decision (OGG 1005Β’)

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